The Destruction Of Haiti

In 2010, an earthquake occurred near  Leogane in Haiti. It led to many rescuers coming on the way to help the injured. During the earthquake, 316,000 people died from its destruction.There were even 52 aftershocks that the country had to deal with and after there came the earthquake.

But you might ask: "what started the hurricane?". Well, what started the earthquake was the movement in the tectonic plates which are located underground. These plates begin  rub against and this is what caused the horrid movement of the quake.The quake caused major damage in Port-au-Prince more than it did to any other places. Buildings were greatly destroyed in this part of Haiti. While leaving debris and pieces everywhere.



Now, there is a place in Haiti called Hispaniola and this here island has had a long history of earthquakes. So, I guess it was not a surprise to the people of Haiti. Even during the time when Haiti was a French colony earthquakes were recorded! A French historian by the name of Monreau de Saint-Mery recorded an earthquake that occurred in Haiti in 1751.He also wrote that the whole city collapsed while only one building stood standing! Even other towns were destroyed as well like the towns in North Haiti and the Dominican Republic.


In the end, rescuers came to aid the country after the mass destruction and they have tried to recover all of the buildings as much as possible. Surprisingly, some are still in construction as you are reading this. But there is always beauty that lies within the heart and the natural views of the exotic place that they call home.


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