Make Your Kids Learn With Penguin Friends

Kids Educational App

The way education sector is changing is pretty interesting. Students and lecturers are making use of mobile devices to make education experience better. Lectures are presented from mobile devices which helps explain stuff in easier way, and students keep notes on their smart devices which gives them an easy access to notes whenever they wish, additionally it can be shared and are never lost.

Other than youth, mobile devices are helping budding minds to explore, improve their minds and learn in an innovative way. There are many apps for kids that make use of awesome graphics and animated characters to help kids learn and grow their mind.

The app I am writing about in this article is built by an app development company from Washington. It is published by Ruckus Media and titled SeaWorld: Penguin Pals over iTunes. This app basically offer a story-driven play which help kids learn about variety of Penguins, words, and help increase their thinking capabilities with engaging activities.

SeaWorld: Penguin Pals app make your kids learn about different type of penguins via an engaging story, the story revolves around two penguin best friend. The app is filled with fun facts about penguins and are presented in a way that your kids learn about all sort of penguins.

Penguin Pals help improve mental capabilities of your kids with activities like word hunt, solving maze, detecting errors in picture, and let them show creativity with make your own picture page. It makes your kids learn alphabet, recognizing words and improves their vocabulary.


Mobile devices are changing the way how education is given to students. Student are blessed with innovative and descriptive lectures, also they can share notes in easiest way.

Kids on the other side are offered with simple yet engaging stories which lead to make them learn about alphabets, words recognition, enhance their thinking capabilities and vocabulary. App development companies are making most of mobile devices in the sector of education.

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