Surviving Hurricanes

Comparing and Contrasting 3 heroes

These 3 heroes have a lot of similarities and differences. Ariel, Matt, and Deamonte' are 3 children changed peoples lives. 2 of them were recognized for their behavior. The 2 recognized were Ariel and Deamonte'. Yes, Matt, 16, saved peoples lives during the hurricane but he was only recognized from his community.He tried to use sandbagto prevent the water from flooding in right before the hurricane got there. His family and he went to a neighbors house while the hurricane was occuring. During the trip over there Matt saved a grandma's life and went back for her 2 dogs. Deamonte', 6, had taken care of 6 other children. 4 of them being his family. He survived Hurricane Katrina, while the other 2 survived Hurricane Sandy. Deamonte' wasn't able to see his parents until 10 and counting days later. Ariel, 14, started her own community called Silver Lining. She was recognized by the president. She left Rockaway and went to Chicago just before the hurricane came. Matt and Ariel were both in Rockaway. They both live by an ocean. Deamonte' and Matt were without and food for days. They were the oldest out of the children there. These are several simliarities and differences between the 3 characters.

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