Social Media: The Effects on teens

Social Media is a major part of the modern teenagers life in 2015. One thing social media effects in teenagers lives is their moods. In a survey I did of my class mates and of the 12 who have social media 5 of them admit to their account affecting there daily moods. On social media anyone can say mean things that will affect your mood negatively and make you either mad or sad for the rest of the day. On the other side somebody can post something nice that will enlighten your day and create happiness within you. Social media is a force to be reckoned with because of the affects and possibilities it creates. I strongly advice anybody who is reading this to think twice before posting something mean on social media because you don't know what someone else could be going through.

This shows that 12 kids in my class use social media.
This shows that of the twelve people that actually use social media it affects 5 of their moods and it doesn't effect 6 who use it.

I personally use social media for fun. I watch lots of dumb videos on Instagram and vine that make me laugh. I also use Instagram to find out whats going on in sports instead of watching Sportscenter for an hour to see the one thing I wanted to know. I also use Instagram to write funny comments on peoples pictures but not to express my feelings. I believe feelings are not meant for social media. I use snapchat to draw funny things on my pictures. I only made a facebook for a day so that I could sign into NFL mobile and play against my friend. I have used kik to text my friend when their phone was taken away.

This proves that social media effects you negatively as long as positively. It truly changes our world.


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