Photography Scavenger Hunt

By: Tierney, Grant, Ke'Ron

These are our pictures in order from 1-21. The ones that do not have text on them we believe where taken at an angle or at eye level, and the ones with the text on them are what we believe they are.

The Coppell High School Road to Excellence is Always Under Construction sign is a zoomed in picture making it look like it as eye level when it is really at angle looking up. While the AED sign is the same way but you can tell is a picture taken at an angle but is also zoomed in. The printer room poster is taken at an angle and is also zoomed in.  

The 1, 3, and 4th are all at an angle. While the CC's are zoomed and and have lines and curves.

The Penguins Amigo's poster and the cowboy pride mural are both taken at angles from the side. While the i took the pledge signs is using the forefront to mask because Grant is standing in front of it. The Common Application bulletin board is at eye level.  

The Board of Trustees sign is taken at eye level as well is the computer parts/ we are one bulletin board. While the Wall of Ethics is using the forefront to mask and the continuation of it (on the right) is at an angle.

Sailboat is at an angle while the going to college wall is at eye level.

The happiness is in your hands poster is at eye level while the music notes and lover are at angles. The three teachers are also at an angle as well as eye level.

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