The Crusades - The Jews Perspective

By- Valeria De La Torre

What was the significance of Jerusalem to the Jews?

The significance of Jerusalem to the Jewish people was really important. It has been considered like a holy city to them. Every time the jews pray they face to the direction were Jerusalem is. It was also important because Jerusalem has been there centre of their  national life since it was conquered by King David.

What was the cause of the first crusade from the Jews perspective?

The Crusades began around 1095 A.D in Jerusalem. By 1096, an army of men prepared to go into battle. They first started going to France then they went to Constantinople.  After Constantinople they headed to Jerusalem which was in 1097. When they got to Jerusalem they started attacking the Jews and stealing stuff from them like for example money.

What was the impact of the Crusade to the Jews?

The Crusades impacted the on the Jews because they killed many of there people. They were about more than 800 murdered from them. Many also commited self-suicide as there choice. The jews didnt really have to do with the crusade and they were still in the Crusade because of Jerusalem.

What was the Jews Perspective of other groups?

The Jews saw the other groups (Muslims, Europeoans, Byzantine) more inferior then him and they saw themselves superior from them. They saw themselves this way because they thought they were smarter. But they was too much of this stubbornness.

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