Meriwether Lewis and William Clark

By Neeharika Dasaraju


Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were great explorers.They traveled a big trip across the American Northwest.They both had diaries of what life was like in the American wilderness in the early 1800s.

Early years

Meriwether Lewis was born on 1770 in Virginia on a farm. William Clark was born also in Virginia. Lewis joined the army at the age of 20.Both of them became friends and worked in the military.

Thomas Jefferson was also a friend of Lewis at that time, and he suggested to find a way to the Pacific Ocean.

Intrests and Hobbies

They both loved the great outdoors so much so that"s why they became great explorers.

They kept journals to save what they learned in the great expedition .They were filled with lots of information.

The Death of them

Meriwether Lewis died in 1809, the year after he became governor of the Louisiana Territory in 1808.William Clark became governor of the Missouri Territory and died in 1838

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