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Apps for the K-12 Classroom

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Awesome Upstander!

What is it? Awesome Upstander! is a mobile app that teaches elementary students about bullying! Through this interactive activity students have the opportunity to learn about the impact of bullying. The game is actually quite fast paced but allows opportunity for learning!

How can it be used? Awesome Upstander! could be used in any elementary classroom context whenever the teacher want to teach students about bullying and how to stand against it.

Rainbow Sentences

What is it? Rainbow Sentences is designed to help students who are learning to build sentences or struggling to do so learn how in a colourful interactive way! It also provides feedback and support for students and parents that are using the app.

How can it be used? This app could be used for anyone struggling with sentences in the classroom setting! Some specific student; however, may be those struggling with disorders such as autism as it provides colourful pictures and sentences. It even reads the words out to you as you touch them!

Sock Puppets

What is it? Sock Puppets is an app that provides users with their own digital puppets, puppet stage, and props. It allows them to record their own voices and create a story from it. The tool is fairly straightforward and user friendly!

How can it be used? This tool could be used in a younger elementary classroom setting. It allows students a means of making their own story through perhaps writing scripts. It allows group collaboration as two or more people can work together to write and voice the puppet show. Lastly it begins to teach presentation skills to the learners.

Endless Alphabet

What is it? Endless alphabet is an app that teaches kids about letters and begins to get them reading! It uses colourful images, voices, repetition, and interactive activities to reinforce knowledge.

How can it be used? Endless Alphabet could most effectively be used in a kindergarten or grade one classroom as it teaches basic sounds and reading skills!

Handwriting Without Tears

What is it? The video above does a great demonstration of what this app is. From it's title you can tell that this app teaches students how to write letters correctly!

How can it be used? This app could be used in a kindergarten or grade one classroom to teaches students how to write letters correctly! It is a great tool because it first shows a student how to do it, then allows them to try for themselves. It gives them positive reinforcement along the way as well!

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