Civil Rights Timeline

Danielle Herwig

This is the map of the Major Civil Rights events in 1954 to 1968.

Montgomery Bus Boycott

Starting with the arrest of Rosa Parks in December of 1955 for not moving seats so that a white passenger could sit down, a 13 month long boycott began. 42,000 African Americans joined in this boycott against segregated bus lines. The significance of the boycott was to show how crazy the governments rules were.

Brown vs. Board of Education

It all started when the school became separated by color. The blacks and whites were not allowed to attend school together. This is important because when on of the African American parents sued saying it wasn't Constitutional change started to happen.

Marching for Voting Rights

The Martin Luther King Jr. Southern Christian Leadership Conference marched to the Capital of Montgomery from Selma to register black voters. There is important because on the way there they were greeted with many violent resistance groups yet they still continued on to reach their goal.   

Integration of the Central High School

Central High School in Arkansas was the first high school to integrated with nine black students.  This was important to the Civil Rights movement because because of them attending that school it started desegregation of schools all over.

"I Have A Dream"

On August 8, 1963 thousands of Americans gathered in Washington D.C. to hear Martin Luther King talk about jobs and freedoms. The whole point of the speech was to shed light on political and social problems. This is important because of this speech many Americans then became okay with the thought of African Americans becoming free.

Integration of The University of Mississippi

In late September a African American man named James Meredith tried to enroll in the University of Mississippi.  A fight then broke out on the Ole Miss campus ending with two dead. This is important because of this now blacks can attend college.

Four Dead in Church Bombing

The 16th Street Baptist Church bombing was done by a white person who did not like blacks. Four members of the KKK planted dynamite and a timing device, the bomb killed 4 girls, and injured 22 others. This is important because it shows how there was no safe place for the blacks anymore.

Woolworth's Lunch Counter

In 1960 four African American college students sat down at Woolworths lunch counter asking for service politely, when they got denied and asked to leave they remained sitting. The protest went on for six months, this shows how the blacks did peaceful protests yet the whites still did not see them as equals.

Civil Rights Workers

Two white and one black Civil Rights Workers were found dead in Mississippi. They boys lead many boycotts and led voting registrations. The three went to investigate the fire in Neshoba  when they got stopped by the police who was also a KKK member and sent them to jail, hours later letting them free he had one other member run them down and take them into his car. This is important because even whites who were trying to help the blacks were being punished.  

Freedom Rides

Thirteen African Americans and white civil rights workers got on a bus and headed down south to protest the segregated bus terminals. The group encountered many violent groups on their journey south. This was important because people were really trying to get equality and no one supported it just yet.

Medgar Evers

He gets shot outside his home in Jackson, Mississippi by Bryon De La Beckwith. He was in the U.S Army and actually assisted with the Normandy invasion. He then came back to his home state to help poor African Americans to help register to vote.  We needed more people like him in this tim

Dr. King is Assassinated

He was shot just outside his second story hotel room on the balcony. He was in Memphis to support sanitation workers strike and was on the way to dinner when he got shot. James Earl Ray was the one who shot Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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