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By: Angela Wojtecki

Article: 12 Ways to Develop Leadership Confidence

A link to the full article can be found here: http://www.greatleadershipbydan.com/2015/04/12-ways-to-develop-leadership-confidence.html  

A recent post by Dan McCarthy on the Blog SmartBlog on Leadership shares 12 ways to develop leadership confidence. It can be difficult for leaders to develop confidence, but here are some ideas:

1. Learn about leadership.  Learn what leaders do and don’t do. Learn the frameworks, the tools, and the skills required to lead. The more you know about subject, including leadership, the more confident you’ll be.

2. Network with other leaders. While it’s good to learn about leadership from courses and reading, putting those good ideas to practice is hard and mistakes will be made. Having a network, or support group of peers is a healthy way to share common, real world challenges. It will give you a feeling of “I’m not the only one who feels this way”.

3. Develop realistic self-awareness. Knowing your leadership strengths will give you confidence, and facing up to your development needs will help you determine what you need to focus on to get better.

4. Help others be more successful. Leadership confidence isn’t just about building your own track record of wins. The essence of leadership is helping others around you become more successful. Help other gain self-awareness, coach them, and help put them in the best position to be successful.

5. Celebrate wins. When your team or colleagues hit a milestone or does something awesome, let them and everyone else know! This isn’t about tooting your own horn – it’s about getting into the habit of looking for and recognizing the wins of others.

6. Look confident. Pay attention to your physical appearance. Losing weight, getting in shape, a new pair of glasses, new hairstyle, a new suit, or a new pair of shoes can make you feel and look more confident. Watch your posture, make eye contact, smile, and use a firm grip when shaking hands.

7. Learn and practice positive psychology. Optimism and happiness can be learned.

8. Develop your emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ isn’t something you are born with, it can be learned and developed.

9. Project confidence. While you may be terrified inside, learn to “fake it till you make it” by appearing that you are confident.

10. Ask others for help. Confident leaders know what they know and what they don’t know, and are not afraid to ask for help. They draw on the talents of others without feeling threatened.

11. Stop asking “mother may I” and make a decision. Confident leaders would rather ask for forgiveness than permission and are comfortable making decisions without having 100% certainty.

12. Develop a sense of humor. Well timed humor will break the tension in a stressful situation and help put the situation in perspective.Working on all twelve of these at the same time would be overwhelming and impossible, so try picking 1-2 at a time. Look for incremental improvement and celebrate your success, and before you know it, you’ll feel and act like a more confident leader!

This TED Talk video below fits well with the idea of Self-Confidence

Dr. Ivan Joseph – The Skill of Self Confidence

‘When you lose belief in yourself, you’re done for.’ Former football coach Joseph explores how confidence is not only the most important skill in athletics, but also in our lives. He references J.K. Rowling and her determination to be published, despite all the incessant early rejections: ‘Do not accept failure.’ And the best part? Joseph believes confidence is a ‘skill’ that can be honed.

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2 years ago

Great message Angela. Networking is key as is project confidence and building emotional intelligence.