#UDLchat 5/20/15

Yup. May 20th is a special day indeed - National Be A Millionaire Day. A day of dreaming. A day of imagining what it might be like if one of the biggest barriers we face as educators, a lack of adequate funding, was suddenly replaced with bounty and possibility. It's May 20th people! Time to celebrate the fact that you're flush with theoretical cash and can finally unleash your ultimate UDL vision. May 21st is probably National Get Real Day or National Dumpster Diver Day, but for today anything is possible. What would you do? And who the heck comes up with these days?

Questions for #UDLchat 5/6/15

  1. Dream big! What would you do first with a ginormous UDL budget?
  2. Money isn't everything. What's one UDL must have that money can't buy? #udlchat
  3. Let's declare a National Universal Design for Learning Day! When should it be and how should we celebrate? #udlchat

Chat norms:

  • UDLchat is 30 minutes rather than the standard hour chat. Hey, we like to be unique!
  • Introductions first 5 minutes (Name, position, district, grade level, content and something fun! Host may ask a silly question)
  • Questions tweet out with "Q" and number
  • Respond with "A" and corresponding number
  • Don't forget to include #udlchat in your tweets!