The Preamble explains why the Continental Congress drew up the Declaration of Independence. They felt as if the British government is restricting them and wanted to break away from their oppressive grip.

Declaration of Natural Rights

The second part of the Declaration of Independence lists the rights the citizens have. It states all men are created equal, and should be treated equally. It also states that the government does not have absolute control over its citizens, nor does it have the right to deny the citizens of their rights as a human being.

List of Grievances

1. King George didn't approve of laws passed by the colonies.

2. King George restricted his governors from passing laws unless they should be suspended from their position until he approves of the laws. when they are suspended of their positions, he all together just ignores them.

3. King George didn't want to  pass other laws for large groups of people unless they gave up right of Representation in the Legislature.  

4. The King put the legislature in uncomfortable positions in order to pressure them into just abiding to his laws that he has passed himself.  

5. The King got rid of any opposition to his commands.

6. The King refused to let people be in charge of the colonies unless he, himself, was place into power.

7. King George tried his best to limit migration between states.

8. King George obstructed justice by administrating his own judiciary powers.

9. King George held the judges seats and positions above their heads, in order to control them.

10. The King sent officer after officer to harass the people.

11. The King sent armies to our lands in times of peace to control the people.

12. The King declared the military above the laws of the people.

13. King George sent his own public officials to establish laws.

14. King George got rid of the Government and declared war against the people.

15. King George acted in savage ways against our colonists.

16. The King sent armies to our coast ravage the lands of the people.

17. The King is "impressing" our sailors in order to use them against us.

18. The King is turning the Native Americans against us so he may rage war.

Resolution of Indenpence by the US

We as Americans, are officially Americans and are not loyal to the King, but to our own independent country.

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