Race and Discrimination
                                    By: Noah Anderson

42 Summary: 42 is a movie about the first black major league baseball player. Jackie Robinson.  Many young African American kids look up to and many other kids and fans did. Other people hated him. On the road he wasn't allowed in to some hotels or restaurants. Sometimes his teammates would get in fights with him because they were not allowed to stay. They would taunt him on the field, they would throw stuff at him, they would discriminate him.  They would send him death threats towards him and his family. While he was in Sanford white men were coming for him. Other teams coaches would taunt him even. For example, the Philadelphia baseball teams coach was taunting him. He got suspended and later fired and never coached again. Some pitchers would throw baseballs at his head. Some officers would kick him off the field because it was against the law. His teammates all hated him at first, just because of his skin color. Then they got to know him. They started liking him and skin color wasn't a thing to them anymore. He was just another baseball player on the team. Jackie was later inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. The audience learns that race and skin color are nothing to judge people on.

Remember the Titans Summary: Remember the Titans is about two segregated schools merging together with school and sports. Everyone was outraged. Black people were still not treated like regular people. The football team said they were not going to play for the black coach, and were very frustrated with the fact that they had to play football with black people. The head coach from last years season was Coach Yoast. The coach that came from the segregated school took his job. His name was coach Boon. They went to a camp with each other, everyone on the football team. They had to endure three a days until everyone got to know each other and all be friends. After fighting all the time and sitting at different lunch tables, they got to know each other and all became alright friends for the time being. Then actual football started. That started bickering again. As the football season went on they hadn't lost yet. They started to come together and play as a team. It didn't matter to them what skin color you were, they became a family. Even thought the parents of these High Schoolers were still not okay with it. Coach Boon had a brick thrown through his window. When they played other teams the other coaches would be prejudice towards coach Boon. At the end of the season they were playing a team for the State Championship and they all worked together and won it. The audience learned that no matter what skin color or race you are, if you all work together you can accomplish big things.

Race and Discrimination today

Race and discrimination are both still issues in the United States. A poll was taken January 13-15. 1,003 adults were questioned. 8 out of 10 said that race is still a problem in the US. 51 percent said it was a big problem. The poll revealed that minorities were more likely to say that race is still a problem. Many Americans feel that race relations have worsened since Obama took office. In this poll 31 percent said it has worsened and 31 percent said it has stayed the same. Affirmative Action refers to admission policies that provide equal access to education for these groups that been historically excluded or underrepresented, such as women and minorities.

In both the films, they all come together and accomplish something big. The white people on the football team in the movie Remember the Titans, they got over skin color and race and won the championship. Jackie Robinsons teammates accepted him on the team, they didn't care if he was black or what race he was, they were family. I think we have come a long ways in todays society. We started off hating each other and one person owning another. Then laws were passed. Then the African Americans or even minorities started gaining rights slowly. We started accepting them. There were still prejudice people out there though. Now we try not to notice race or skin color even though it is still a big issue. I think race is an illusion, there is only one true race, and that is the human race. We may be different skin colored or come from different places but genetically and DNA wise we are not so different. It doesn't matter if you are black or white.

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