This is a picture of 11th street in New York during the blizzard.

How do blizzards form and what are they? Blizzard form when very cold air collides with mild or dry air.  Also the atmosphere has to be moist. A blizzard is a snowstorm with very high winds that blow the snow around. Usually during a blizzard there is low visibility.

                       The Blizzard Whiteout

The blizzard whiteout was a huge blizzard that lasted for a whole day in New York. The picture above shows on 11th street during the blizzard. Over 400 people died that day. The wind speeds up to 85 mph and people said it felt like a hurricane. Over 15,00 people were trapped on elevated trains. The damage cost was $25 million. They called it The Great White Hurricane. People injured was not found.    

Above is a map of where the picture above is taking place.

                     The Blizzard of 1993

The blizzard of 1993 was another blizzard that happened in New York. It affected over 140 million people. Caused 310 people to die mostly because of car accidents. The damage was $6.6-$11 billion dollars. The wind speed was from anywhere between 70 and 90 mph.

This is a picture of the 1993 blizzard.


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