Lesson 2, How To Be a Babysitter .

  This lesson will give helpful tips and rules on how to be a great babysitter. When it comes to middle school, you are getting older, and want to do more things on your own. To do these things you need money, but being 12, 13,or 14 finding a job isn’t the easiest thing to do. Babysitting is a very common job for teens to do, even throughout high school. With the right tips and attitude, you can make babysitting fun, and enjoyable for you and the children! I have created a powerpoint, and this document to show you some good tips on how to babysit.



Dos & Don’ts of babysitting.


  • Have contact information for anyone that might be needed for questions, or emergency numbers. Like the parents, grandparents, 911, poison control, etc.
  • Know the allergies of the children, or any other important information about them that might be needed.
  • Follow instructions directed by the parents of the household, like bedtime, eating habits, etc.
  • Plan fun activities to do with the kids. Board games, watching movies, coloring, or painting. Spend quality time with them.
  • Make sure to pick up after yourself, and the children.
  • Show up on time or even early to the child’s house. Showing up late makes you look unprofessional and irresponsible.


  • Don’t let the parents come home to a big mess that they will have to clean up.
  • Don’t be on your phone the entire time.
  • Don’t fall asleep before the kids go to sleep. They could get into trouble, or make even more messes.
  • Don’t feed young kids anything that they can choke on. Like hotdogs, or certain candies.
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself, only watch as many kids as you can handle.

Planning For the Job.

When it comes to babysitting a lot of planning is in order for the job. You should plan out what you will do with the kids, who you would like to babysit for, or what kind of kids you are willing to take care of. If you’re looking to start a small babysitting business you need to plan out how you are going to reach out and find new clients. Spreading the word to family, and friends is a great way to get started.

Being Prepared.

With babysitting comes a lot of responsibility, I mean you’re caring for someone else’s kid! You need to know all of the important details about the child or children you will be babysitting. If you decide to watch a baby, you need to be prepared to change diapers, feed them, and carefully watch over them. Depending on the age of the child you need to prepare for the responsibilities and tasks that you will need to do during the time you are watching over them.

Being the “Cool” Babysitter.

Being a fun babysitter is definitely an important factor if you’re planning on getting a call back from the child’s parents. Parents love hearing that their child had a great time with you. While being fun has benefits, you are the authority in this situation. This means that you need to know when to be fun, but when to be strict. There is always a limit to the flexibility of rules. Kids will tend to stretch the rules a bit when a babysitter is there. They will test their boundaries and see what rules you will allow them to break. Knowing when to say no is a very important skill to have in this situation. Sometimes you have to resist the kid’s cute puppy dog faces and tell them no. Rules are okay to break every now and then, just because you need to follow rules doesn’t mean you can’t be a little flexible now and then. It’s okay if you let the kids stay up 15 minutes past bedtime once in a while. Be responsible, while having a good time with the children.

Here’s a video on how to be a good babysitter:


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