Aluminum & Mercury: What Would We Do Without It?
by Leo Stout

What are some uses of Aluminum?

For one thing, Aluminum is used very frequently in production, mainly used in piping and... Well, lots! There's too many to name. In fact, 76 percent of most metal you see is mostly aluminum. It is also used in most air crafts, b/c it is very light-weight and durable and strong. And last but not least; it is used in power lines b/c of its ability to conduct electricity and how light it is. plus its cheap and abundant!

what about mercury?

Well, one main thing it is used in is thermometers. mercury thermometers are becoming more hard to find, now that some scientist invented the Thermistor, which measures heat digitally. moving on: Another use is bug powder/spray. The main toxin in these products is small amounts of mercury. (when i say bug spray, i mean like raid, not like off. the main thing in off is deet, which repels bugs. fun fact: the scientific name for deet is diethyitoluamide) Mercury is also used to separate gold from its ore.

What would we do without aluminum?

Well, for one, we would have to find another metal to make planes out of, and fast. a lot of the world relies on air travel for many things.  most of the world would lose power, too, since that is what power lines are made of. all of the bullet trains would be in trouble, too, since their tracks are made out of aluminum. cars would be inoperable, since most of all the pistons and stuff are made of aluminum, and most of the world would only have bottled water, since aluminum pipes replaced lead ones sometime in the nineteen hundreds. so yeah, it would have a pretty big impact on the world.

What if the mercury disappeared, too?

Well, computers would be inoperable, since the diodes and transistors have a very tiny bit of mercury in them that allow them to conduct properly. u.v lights would not work, since the mercury vapor inside them is what produces the u.v rays. you would not be able to get a tooth filled, b/c they use mercury in the filling (not enough to poison you, of course). The effect would not be as great as aluminum, but still pretty big.


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