Somethings about movies you didn't notice

This will be all about things people might not notice about movies. I hope you enjoy all the odd/random things that I've noticed about some movies.

The Lego Movie

Okay, so there are a few things I'd like to point out. First, when they were in the wild west, and Lucy, a.k.a Wyldstyle was talking with Vitruvius, Emmet was in the background drinking a bottle he found on the ground.

Second, When Emmet had the vision, it was composed for things from later in the movie.

Lloyd from ninjago was in the Lego Movie, but none of the others were.


First of all, this is about the second and third movie. Okay, so they learn that Alex's name, was never really Alex, but his friends still call him that during the course of the second movie. During the third movie, he told the circus animals that his name was Alex. His friends still didn't call him by his real name at all during the third movie. Later, Alex even admits to the circus animals that his name was never really Alex. So why does nobody besides his parents call him by his real name?


Their bunnies, so why do they have socks? I get why E.B's dad would have a sock, but E.B doesn't wear shoes.

Rise of the Guardians

The yeti that painted the blue robots was told to paint them red.

Later, the same yeti was told to paint all the red eggs blue.

Big Hero 6

Prince Hans from Frozen discretely appeared in the movie-twice.

Hans wan't the only character from Frozen to appear in the movie. There was also an Olaf statue in downtown Sanfransokyo. (Sorry about the quality)

But there's still more hidden Frozen. There was an Arendelle ship in the harbor.

Ralph from Wreck-it-Ralph also made it into the movie as an action figure on Hiro's computer, and as a poster.

(Sorry for the bad quality)

The next person who appeared was Chicken little. He appeared on a billboard in San Fransokyo.

(Again, sorry for the bad quality)

The last person (that I know of) that was in the movie was Mrs. Incredible, as one of Fred's figures (I don't have a picture to put with this one. Sorry!).

Indiana Jones

The Incredibles

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