No News is Good News for the Cavs during LeBron Watch

If you’re a Cavs fan, you can breathe a sigh of relief tonight and dare to dream for another day. The Godfather / mastermind / basketball ruler / best closer ever (as well as team president of the organization with which LeBron James was most recently associated) Pat Riley had a face-to-face meeting with the prized possession of the 2014 NBA Free Agency pool and (reportedly) came away from that meeting without an answer from James. While no meeting with the Cavs has (reportedly) been set, this is as good of news as Cleveland fans could have hoped for tonight.

I’ve tried (quite unsuccessfully) to keep my hopes of signing LeBron James low. However, it’s been nearly impossible given the events of the past couple days as ridiculous as some have been. No, I don’t believe that the Nostradamus of the fitness realm has an inside track on James’s comings and goings. No, moving vans outside of a guy’s house who is about to make over 20 million dollars a year plus endorsements don’t guarantee that he’s taking his talents to the shores of Lake Erie. No, Chris Broussard’s percentage game doesn’t provide any comfort for my racing heart (he’s 85% sure LeBron comes to Cleveland but 100% sure homosexuals will burn in Hell). And as much as I will always love Big Z, no, his Facebook picture does not offer any concrete insight as to the future of the Cavs roster. But dammit anyway if these seemingly innocuous factors don’t excite me.

So I’m doing my best to stay focused on what the real players in this game have said so far – those players being LeBron James and only LeBron James. So far, he has said he hasn’t made a decision and I believe him. If he had decided on the Cavs, the Heat’s pitch wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. If he had decided on the Heat, then he would have already announced it so the team could have focused its efforts on securing another piece or two to put around LeBron. I wrote earlier that I put the chances of LeBron returning to Cleveland at around 7.5% and I stick by that not because I think this is an accurate estimate but more so because I am extremely superstitious and don’t want to screw with whatever karmic forces are working in Cleveland’s favor right now. This doesn’t mean I don’t want him back; I’d love to be wrong in my assessment.

LeBron may (and probably will) meet with the Cavs in the near future. He may announce his intentions for next season before heading to Brazil to watch the World Cup Final. He may wait until after he returns. He may go to another unknown team. Nobody knows. After his meeting with Heat officials,, that is at least good news for the Cavs on this day.