They met at the National Day of Spain in Manila at the Ambassadors Residence..where she was not even planning to attend, in Oct. 9,2013. Then after a few occasions of communications over the cellphone they became more acquainted. The most crucial part of their friendship happened at the height of the Typhoon Yolanda..when he was the the headquarters of the Phil Airforce monitoring the typhoon which had already killed and blown away some of his colleagues in the watch tower of Tacloban. C-130 airplanes flew in most of the victims from the ravaged areas of Leyte and Tacloban..in the meantime Annali offered to bravely go down to the island. But she was adviced to stay and MGen Ona became even closer to her especially during the most stressful moments of this disaster that struck the Philippines. At one point he would reach temperatures so high as if he was going to explode from the stress..Their story developed further towards Christmas...and on her birthday.Jan 30, 2014, he gifted her with a Short trip to Brunei..They continue a very close love story and relationship due to the disaster that is likened to a war disaster...they hope to make more projects together in the future and call their adopted child Haiyan in 2014.