Cyber safety tips

By: Priscila Lopez

Tip 1-Don't respond if you don't know.

Don't respond to a person online that you don't know online because you never know how is behind the other screen.

Don't know don't answer because the person might ask you about your personal info a real friend won't pressure you to tell them your personal info because they already know who you are.

Tip 2-Think before you press send or post.

You need to think before you post or press send because once you send it out it's out of your control forever!

You will get in trouble if you post something bad because it might hurt you later on.

Tip 3-Meeting offline

Never meet someoneoffline because that person might not be the person they say they are

You cannot trust that person because that person will try to harm you.

Tip 4-Respect others online

Don't send harassing or rude comments to other people online.

When you are going to send that comment it stays on the internet forever.

Tip 5-Think about your online image

You need to think about your online image because when you are applying for a job your manager will look on your social media.

If you post something bad online it will affect your college application.

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