Manawatu Gorge Trip

On the 19th of November room 13 went just our of Palmerston North to do the Manawatu Gorge walk We walked to the top and drove back. Out of our class 26 people came on the walk with us and we had 8 parents including Mr Stove and his friend called Mrs Holdaway.

Whats above?

Above is a picture of the view from up the top we are heading down to look closer at the slip.I think that looking at the slip was a really cool experience because I think that it would of taken worker ages (I know how long) but I still think that it was a really good effort.

The Trip

Our car had lots of fun we stopped for hot chocolates with Jaime's car and we also stopped for lollies.And on the way back we stopped at McDonald's and we saw Ines car, Jaime's car and Jack's car.

The Track

The track that we walked on was hard at some points because it wasn't wide enough for two or three people on it so we had to go single file.We also had to climb up some really steep steps/slopes and it was really difficult for some of us.

Nikau Palms

When we were walking through the track, we saw some Nikau Palms, they had a green trunk and grey-green leaves. They were really pretty and looked nice against the other wildlife. I thought that the Nikau palms were really stunning.

The Big Slip

I think that the slip was the most exiting part of the walk/trip because I think that it is the only part of the track that is really important and makes a good statement for the track.


The windmills were really stunning and beautiful and also make a really good statement to the track.I also think that the windmills were really big but looks really small in the big patch of land that they were built in.

Car Groups

The class went in different cars from parents of the childen in our class here are the car lists:

Jaime/Rachael: Jubilee

Ines/Chris: Lily N, Lily B, Natasha, Erin and Rebekah

Mikayla/Lottie: Kaia, Sasha and Briar

Luke/Sue: Oskar and Bradley

Wian/Ansonica: Sami, Mitchell, Tyler and Zaine

Mr Stove/Mrs holdaway: Madi and Mystikal

Jack/Gaylene: Will, Jesse and Kenny


So overall I think that walking the Manawatu Gorge Track was a really good experiencing and would totally recommend it to other people and maybe go and do it again with my whole family.


Thanks For Watching!!

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