The Orchard Residences

The Best Gift for Your Family

The property is located at 1311-1325 Masangkay, Sta. Cruz, Manila (In front of McDonald’s and Shakey’s Masangkay). The residential unit owners will have the privilege to enjoy the views of Manila Skyline enhanced by the Manila bay sunset view, The Makati Skyline which can be appreciated because of the accompanied views of the Ortigas Skyline and also of The Fort Global City and with the mountainous view of Tagaytay and Cavite City.

The total lot area of the structure is 2,886.08 square meters. Approximately 2,703.82 Square meters. The total height of the building is a two 45-storey high condominium project, the first two (2) floors are the Commercial Spaces and the Grand lobby which also accompanies a Drop-off point for the grand lobby and also a valet parking provided for the unit owners, also the ground floor is elevated by 2 meters from the sidewalk and has an allowance of 9 meters from the road and also the Drop-off point has a width of 12 meters and can accommodate 2 cars besides each other going up the ramp of the parking spaces, the parking spaces consists of 9 floors starting from the 3rd floor up to the Immediate parking floor which is above the 8th floor parking space. The Amenities floor is on the 9th floor of the building, and there is an intermediate residential unit on the 10th floor that is accessible on the West Tower. The Low zone residential floor starts from the 11th floor up the 26th floor and the High zone residential floors starts from the 27th floor up to the 51st floor (all floors here indicated are the elevator floors).

arranged by Joseph Ogbac

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I would like to know more about the Fareast builders of Orchard skyscrapers .. Where r they originated?

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That's what I'm thinking right now..