Internet Terminology
Java Internet Café


A program used on a computer connected to the Internet that provides access to
the World Wide Web. The browser translates the documents stored on the World
Wide Web into a format you can read on your screen

To transfer a file from a remote computer to your computer through a modem and
a telephone line, cable, or wirelessly.

E-mail (Electronic Mail):

Electronic mail messages you send over the Internet
from one computer to another.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

On a Web site, a list of questions commonly asked by users and the answers to those questions to assist people using the

A worldwide system of linked computers that allows users to send and receive
e-mail and documents from one computer to another.

(Universal Resource Locator):

The address of a Web page on the
World Wide Web.

Web (World Wide Web or WWW):

A subset of the Internet that allows people to view documents called Web pages using a browser. You can click items called
links on a Web page to open another Web page anywhere on the Web identified by
the link.


To help the unexperienced users of the computer at Java Internet Café to be able to search the world wide web, WWW, in a suficent way.

What we used!

In Microsoft Office Word we used the basic page layout tools.

How we used word to complete this project!

We used word to type out the document to where we could format it into this project.

How this'll Help you in Real Life!

This will give you the tools you need to create different flyers, brochures, and anything you would need at a company and business so you can spread the word about the product you are selling, or advertising.

In Conclusion

We hope this helped you out and comes in handy in your path later.

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Ben Qasim

Leah Hendrix

Hannah Hopkins

Celeste Jordan.

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