General Robert E. Lee

The biography and life of Lee.

This flag represents the Confederate army. Since Lee lived in Virginia he was a Major General of the Confederate army.

    This song talks about both the car and the person General Lee. Even though it talks about the car in there they both share the same qualities. For example, the car took a beating but never crashed or stop. This was the same for Lee he never really got destroyed, he only retreated.

This is a picture of General Lee surrendering at the Appomattox Court House. This day in April 9, 1865 he surrendered his army over to the Union and this was the very end of the Civil War.

This is a picture of Lee at West Point. West Point is a military academy that Lee went to to become the great general he was. Even though he never won the war he still had great tactics and strategy.

    One theme that was in the memoir well is respect. Robert E. Lee is known not to be a very polite and respectful person. The quote,"I always knew that it was hard to disobey my father" says Lee's son Custis. If you have respect for someone most of the time if they listen to what they say. Custis obeys his father with what he says. Also another quote that helps prove this theme in the book is,"Thus after thirty days of marching, starving, and fighting and with a loss of more than sixty thousand men..." Even though this quote does not directly say anything about respect you can say that if his men did not respect him or where they cam

    This is Lee in front of a confederate flag. Now a day people think that this is a hate symbol only because of the KKK. Back in his time it was just a flag for the south. Lee was very patriotic and loyal to the south.  He was offered to be in charge of the north but since he was from Virginia he declinded.

This is a picture of Generals Lee(left) and "Stonewall" Jackson(right) these were great generals of the south. One of the main reasons why the south lost the war was because they lacked supplies and men to fight against the strong powerful north.

This song is song is about being amazing how the struggles with it. Lee didn't just automatically become general of the Confederate army. He had to study at west point and graduate from there. After that he was promoted to lieutenant and then later general of the south. He went from clean rags to riches. Lee did not start out poor he grew up on a ranch and farm. This song can relate to Lee because of some of these reasons.