Solar Energy vs Fossel Fueils

By: Tyler, Carson, Karthik and Nikunj

In the USA we make most of our electricity by burning coal, gas and oil. This process is extremely dirty. In fact, it causes most of the worlds pollution including the kind that creates global warming. While in use solar energy creates absolutely no waste or emissions. Unlike Fossil Fuels they produce clean renewable energy.

Solar energy in the future will have a bigger role. Scientist have predicted that 50% of the world will come from renewable sources by 2040. In resent year manufacturing cost of photovoltaic cells have dropped by 3-5% per year.

The impressive and precipitous rise of the USA solar industry is well documented. By the end of 2014, this figure is expected to surpass 20 gw. School parking lots can be put to productive use with solar PV canopies, which provides benefit to the schools.

Schools have two options for paying  (1) direct ownership (2) third party ownership, another group owns the PV cells and operates them on behalf of the school. Direct ownership is when the schools buys the PV cells. This would cost a lot of money because one solar panel cost about 5,000 dollars. The thing we should do is third party ownership which is 50 dollars a month if we use PV cells allot then we can move de direct ownership.Schools are a great place to put solar panels because schools are only on during the day and not at night.



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