Real Estate Marketing 101

Partnering with Tackk for Success

What is Tackk?

Tackk is the simplest way to make a one-page site on the internet. Think of it like a flyer--you can make one for anything you'd like. For real estate, you can use Tackk to create great-looking listings that you can share with the world.

Why use Tackk for Your Real Estate Business?

The value to you is simple:

  • Create professionally-designed listings quickly and easily in just seconds
  • Drive traffic to your listings on MLS, Trulia, Zillow, and others
  • Share your listings across multiple social media networks in just a few clicks
  • Tackk is free of ads or fees of any kind

Easily add features like Google Maps, Comments and Contact Forms

Share your listings easily across the web.

Even Craigslist.

Sample Real Estate Tackks:

Take a look at these sample listings before you get started:

Now Try Making Your Own!