The Diary of Just A Girl

Dated from: 1861-1865

Hi my name is Amber Lynn Ross. I just turned 19 years old. My family and I are absolutely against slavery and agree with the beliefs of the Union. Don't even get me started on the topic of how slavery is horrible. I am just enraged with the way some people choose is right. I live with both of my parents , my sister, June , and my brother, Nathaniel in New York. Well, actually Nathaniel,  is at war.  He is stationed at Maryland. I miss him dearly, and am hopeful for his return. He is too young. All of them are. They all still have their life ahead of them. I just hope they all come home, and win the Civil War. He promised me that he will come home. He promised me......

Day 1

I woke up much earlier this morning and had much to do. I made breakfast for my family. I was proud because it went well, but still not as good as Mother's.  Later, I went to the factory where Nathaniel used to work, and made bullets and weapons for the soldiers. Then, I went out to the farmer's market to go get some fresh fruit and vegetables. With the new fresh fruit Mother and I made jams and pies.  A little later, Mother and Father were homeschooling June and I over every subject. We are praying for my brother to come home. Father knows how bad war can be. He lost his leg, that's the reason he cannot fight. In the afternoon I tended to my father. I feel so sadly for Father. He sees the family needs help and cannot do anything. I made chicken noodle soup for everyone for lunch. Then, I went to the farm and fed and watered the livestock. I went to go collect the eggs from the chickens. My mother and I will sell the eggs, jams, and pies tomorrow at the market. Hopefully we make some money. Believe me, I know we will need it.

Day 2

Dear Nathaniel,                                                                        September  17, 1862

I hope you are doing good and are keeping your promise. We all miss you dearly. I just hope the war ends soon... June is just getting too smart for me. She can learn fast and is excelling quite a bit in every subject. Mother is teaching me new dishes and tips on my cooking skills. When you come back we will have a feast of every single thing you like. I will do my best on making it. Were you fighting in the Battle of Antietam, or maybe known to you as the Battle of Sharpsburg? I've heard of word that you were. Don't worry about us. Just mind yourself. You have more than enough to worry about. I am taking care of everyone. Father is recovering quite fast. Life here is not terrible. Could be worse. I just hope that you'll come home soon. Stay safe. We all send our love to you.

Day 3

I wanted to help the men at war so I told my family we should make something for them. So, Mother, June, and I knitted blankets and clothing for the men at war. It's better now that June is older, so she can help Mother and I more around the house. Now with the times, we need as much help as we can get. June and I collected and made food rations for men at war. Father showed Mother the clothes that do not fit him or Nathaniel. We washed the clothes that Father gave us, and donated them the soldiers. It felt good helping the war efforts. Just knowing that what I can do can help them just makes me glad. I wish for the win of the Union. I am anticipating for the day that people run through the town shouting, " The war is over! The war is finally over! The Union won!" For the day my family rejoices with Nathaniel. I cannot wait for that day. That very day....

Day 4

I received this letter today from Nathaniel today:

Dear Family,                                                                                      September 17, 1862

I miss you all so much that it is killing me. I don't know if I can take it anymore. The suffering, the killing. There is just too much to handle at once. I knew I wasn't going to be able to grasp it all at first. Still cannot grasp it. There is no way to prepare for what you will see on the battle field. In the Battle of Hancock, my friend Victor passed.  Victor was such a good friend to me. He reminded me of Father. Coming back to all of you and the fact I am fighting for a cause I know is right is motivating to keep moving. I cannot leave and abandon my beliefs. The cause is bigger than me. Than all of us. That I cannot deny. I cannot wait for the day I will see you all again. If I can survive this long, I know I can last till the end.  I hope that Father is recovering well, and Amber and June are keeping in their studies. Mother, please do not work yourself too much. Amber, I will never intend on breaking my promise. I send my love to you all.  

After reading the letter we all cried. We were just relived to receive a letter from him, proving he is still alive. Proving that he is sane and not injured while in the war. It was almost like a big weight was pulled from our shoulders. I wish that he will be more positive . I know it is very hard to. Probably one of the hardest things to do. But, if he becomes depressed, he lose all hope. He will just give up. Nathaniel still has his whole life ahead of him.

Day 5

November 8, 1864

Abraham Lincoln won the election again! I have faith in President Lincoln to end the war and make the outcome of the Union winning the war. With his new reelection, maybe he can make up for the Emancipation Proclamation. Let us all have faith in him. If we prove to him our faith in him, he will be more motivated to win the war.

I am very glad he was reelected. I am certain my whole town is too. Let us just pray for the day that when the war is over it is music to our ears. It is now the fourth year of war. Please President Lincoln, make all of the fighting stop.

Something inside me tells me that the end of the war is coming soon... President Lincoln will lead us to the end. My family will see Nathaniel. He will be in front of us taking to us about his experience. People will be joyous and celebrate with the winning of the Union. I just know it....


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