you almost killed my brouther

Dear BBW,
Why are you so mean .we hate you because you blow our house down, you would not stop and you still are doing it. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( you are so mean to everyone in the whole entire world!


you blow our house all the time. are agent even said it was wolf proof we hate you BBW you are the most menest wolf ever :( :( :(.we hate you ! + everyone hates you because of what you did to us

you would not stop. It was like an infinite tornado coming at you at 1000000 miles/KM per nanosecond. imagine us doing that to you I think that you would hate it. so stop doing it !!!


you are still doing it doing it. you niley killed my brother yes i know that you were sick and thats why you blow everywhere but you are still doing it. we have had to pay about $10000000000 for all those houses even the hay one was about $80000 and thats why we hate you.

In conclusion i think that you should be arrested because you blow our house down,you would not stop and you are still doing it. now i am going to be nice and give you a ticket so you can go and blow my cousins house down !

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