Best Branded Corporate Gifts of 2014

Do you prepare yearly or seasonal corporate gifts internally and externally? Are you running out of ideas?

Since it would be embarrassing to hand them the same gift they have received previously, let me suggest you ideas from the best branded corporate gifts this year, 2014.

Crystal Items

A great way to stand out among other corporate gifts is by giving crystal items. They are nice in the eyes and will surely sparkle your brand.


Every clients need a calculator. Yes, we all have it on our phones and laptops, but there are few people who still prefer the old school calculator. Just a tip: to make sure they use it, give them scientific calculators. Surely, our phone calculators and laptop calculators can't peroform like it.

Wall Clocks

Offices never lack space for wall clocks. If you are targeting big time clients, you should consider handing them wall clocks as corporate gifts.


Be careful when giving away ashtrays because some people might get offended because they don't smoke. Set up a booth so the ones who will actually use it can ask for one.


For companies which products or services target females, cosmetics are the best option to give them. They will use it every day which will make them see your company's name daily.


Memos are still hot items to be given by businesses. It is not gender-specific and used universally.


Portfolios are great business corporate gifts because you are increasing your brand awareness to professional clients whenever your recipients use of your gift.

Card Holders

Every professionals need card holders. Some of your potential clients and customers' card holders might be too old now. It would be the perfect time to replace it with your branded card holder.

Leather Items

You want your corporate gift to be durable for a better representation of your brand then leather items are perfect for you. You can choose from various items like pen holder, portfolio, wallet, mouse pad, leather tissue box, etc.

Key Holders

Since the main purpose of giving corporate gifts is to gain brand memorability from recipients, key holders are great choice. They will get to see your company's name written on their key holders so most likely, they will turn to your business whenever they will need your product.


Mugs are great giveaway especially to office people who are always in the go. They will carry the mug everywhere or leave it on their office desks. Either way, you gain increased brand awareness from it.