The Great Awakening

By:Courtney Reid.

What was the Great Awakening?

The Great awakening was a spiritual revival in New England.Jonathan Edward who was a minister that didn't think that the churches needed to be converted. Jonathan felt that people needed to follow "Calvin's Nine Principles" but he saw that wealth was overpowering it. His fury made him preach angry sermons that got people's attention and made people want to come listen.

What caused the Great Awakening

After the revolution there were no more rivalries between churches so the Church Of England took the place of all other churches and became the church of the country.


The effects of the great awakening gave people independence, this is when the people discovered they had a voice and that they could speak out. Once the people realized that they were able to build a new church because they didn't like the one they were at it began giving them ideas.

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