All About Me!
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BY: Hailey P

Where have I always wanted to travel?  The place I've always wanted to travel is Italy. My dad is 50 percent Italian and he loves Italy so I've always wanted to go and see what its like. I've also always wanted to visit Paris but if i had to choose one place I would choose Italy!

How did you come up with the name of your pet?

I have a dog named Bella, she is a yellow lab and we named her Bella because that was going to be the name of my brother if he was a girl but hes not so my mom just named our dog that,(which is a really lame story about my dog but oh well)

your deepest fear:

my deepest fear would be to loose a family member or a close friend! :(

this picture is of me and my sister, Shaylin, who is in 1oth grade and she is almost 16 and then my little brother, Michael, is 8 and he is in 3rd grade.

what makes you the happiest?

What makes me the happiest is being with may AMAZING friends, and making fun memories!  This picture is from my birthday that was spent very well with some great friends to make and crazy memorable night!

whats your greatest talent?

My greatest talent is probably soccer, its my favorite sport and I have been playing since I was 4! My sister and brother also play soccer and my dad coaches so its been a big part of my life.