My trip at Crystal cave.

Me and my class went to Crystal cave. In one room we heard the story of Charlie the cave man.We even got to see rock formations that went along with the story. We also got cave kisses, which was actually citric acid that dripped from the ceiling.At the end we went mining for gems,the gems were so pretty. We also learned about Bats and saw 2 but Bats are being wiped out by a daisies called white nose militias. well now you know a little more about Crystal cave maybe one day you will visit Crystal cave.

Here is us learning about the caves.
Here is a pitcure of the cave walls.
At the end we got to go mining.
On the bus ride back to concord.
Here is a another picture of the cave walls.
Here is flint in the cave walls.
Shh.The bat is sleeping.

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