Mesopotamia in 36 Hours

Uruk to Sippar on a budget!

Mesopotamia is known as the cradle of civilization. For the extreme traveler who wants to contemplate "where it all began", Mesopotamia is an ideal vacation spot. This 36 hour experience will take you from Ancient Ur north to Sippar. You'll experience a well developed craft beer culture, a strong luxury good trade and plenty of time for experiencing the cities of ancient Mesopotamia from the extensive river system of the Tigris and Euphrates!


4 p.m.

1. Ziggurat of Ur.

Ur, near today's Tell el-Muqayyar, Iraq was once located on the Euphrates River. One of the largest cities of the ancient world, Ur boasted a population of nearly 65,000 in the 2nd millennium BCE. Start your weekend off right by paying homage to the local goddess Nanna. Errected under the leadership of King Ur-Namu, the Ziggurat of Ur is the center of the bustling city. You can find here priests and oracles paying homage to the Mesopotamian gods, and, if one of those gods gets angry, the Ziggurat will be your best place to find relief from the rising flood waters of the erratic Euphrates river.

6 p.m.

2. Craft brewing, Mesopotamian style

After paying your respects to Nanna, you'll want to connect with three other goddess that protect and encourage the ancient peoples of Mesopotamia - Ninkasi, the goddess of brewing, Siris who who gave beer its name, and Siduri, who ensures that those who imbibed had a good time. Don't be surprised that the Mesopotamians, who had a well developed beer culture, but less access to filtering equipment, enjoy their beer through a straw.