Valentine's Day Cards

5 Good:

1. I like this Valentine's Day Card because I like the double heart with angel wings and the font on the wording is very nice.

2. I like everything about this card, the 2 birds facing each other, the heart is made of like small glitter and the font for the wording.

3. I like the font on the wording, the little white teddy bear holding a heart.

4. I like the font on the wording, the glowing circles, and the many transparent heart with almost all stacked on top of each in different sizes.

5. I like the open rose with gold lettering and gold glitter on the rose.

6. I like the white and red roses together and the little Valentine's Special on the side.

7. I like the gold glitter hearts and the gold lettering with the pink rose

8. I like everything about the card like the background, the images, the rose, the heart shaped chocolates, the coffee, the different types of fonts and the the gold paper attached to the items

5 Bad

1. I don't like this one because I don't like the font on the text and I don't understand what the wording means, but I like the gifts attached, I don't like the card but I like the gifts.

2. I like the font, I don't like how it too plain and the background is horrible.

3. I like the font but the card itself is way too plain

4. I don't like this for the obvious reason its too awkward and I don't think girl would like a guy or anyone for that matter to give them a Valentine's Day Card shaped like underwear.

5. I don't like the mustaches on valentine's day cards nor the fonts

6. The card was good until the ".....but with conditions", I mean who says that without offending the other person, I feel little offended and I'm not the one who received this card.