Sam Jackson Life of a Solider

Civil War 1861-1865

Journal entry #1

I am Sam Jackson and I am really excited about fighting in the Civil War. I am 18 years old pretty young to be fighting in this war. My family and I live on a plantation in Tennessee and I help my dad work on the plantation. I always have to work in the field's because my father sold our slaves because he was running out of money but lately with my hard work he has been getting a lot of money for us. I am going to miss my family so much. They were always caring toward me. They don't want me to go but I have to. I will be fighting with the confederates because I hate the Union always pushing us around. My rank will be a sergeant in company 132. I am really nervous about this war because I want to come back and help  my father on the plantation.

That is a picture of me in my confederate outfit

Journal entry#2

Civil War Slang Conversation

Sargent  Jackson and Private Hotchkiss

Sargent Jackson- I am fit as a fiddle, how about you.

Private Hotchkiss- We  better skedaddle they're coming for us

Sargent Jackson- Okay we better skedaddle

Private Hotchkiss- HORNETS are whipping across my face

Sargent Jackson-Bully just keep running

Private Hotchkiss- . Grab the Pepper Box

Sargent Jackson- We are being whipped out here

Private Hotchkiss - We have to keep fighting

Sargent Jackson-Bully we beat those five guys.

Journal entry #3

Dear Mom,

I am stationed in Richmond Virginia, we just fought in the Battle of  Mananas. We won the battle but we lost a few men. It was a bloodbath, everybody was falling dead. I have never seen this before. My best friend in the camp died at my side during the battle. At camp I live in this small tent, and each day we do drills and chores. It is really boring and I am starting to regret joining this war. Many men built huts on camp but I was too lazy to build one. We are done for the year with battles but we have a long winter ahead of us. It will still be cold but not as cold as some camps in the north. Please write back.

Your Son Sam

This is a picture of the flag that we carry into battle.

Journal entry #4

Interview with Sam Jackson and Jeremiah Handley

Sam Jackson- Jeremiah, when you chose to join the Union, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah- I had slavery in my life but I didn't believe it was right and I won't fight for my life with something I don't believe in.

Sam- Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

Jeremiah- I am proud of fighting with the Union, I believe I made the right choice. The Union ended up wining and since then I never saw my brother again, but that's okay he was always mean to me.

Sam- Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah- I wish my mother never died because she was a great influence to me. If she didn't pass away I wouldn't be injured.

Sam- Jeremiah, what was prison like when you got captured?

Jeremiah- It was horrible but my wound got better. They barley gave us any food and some days I was left starving. I think I lost 25 pounds in camp. They sometimes beat us because we were part of the Union. When we finally won the war I was let out and went back home.

My wonderful view when I wake up in the morning

Journal entry #5 Marching Song

The South is great

Why is there so much hate

We love this land

Lets fight hand in hand

March, March, March

Fight, Fight, Fight

Win, Win, Win

Come on, Let's Go

To where the cotton grows

Let's fight for our land

Our plantations are so grand

March, March, March

Fight, Fight, Fight

Win, Win, Win

Be strong

We are not wrong

The South will win

It is not a sin

March, March, March

Fight, Fight, Fight

Win, Win, Win

We are the best

And will win this test

Confederate soldiers will not be beat

We will survive this heat

Journal entry #6 Camp Life and Favorite food

To pass time at camp I did many things such as playing baseball, checkers, and cards. They were all fun, but I like playing baseball the most. I was always good so I got to show my awesome talents on the field. There were a lot of good players but I have to say that I was the best. I also like to gamble and I did that all the time. To be honest I cheated all the time.

For meals we had to eat gross food, it was nasty. There were always bugs in my meal and I would constantly get sick. My favorite food was beef and it was the best thing they had. It was the only meal where I didn't throw up. But when we were on the road I would have to eat it raw. Sometimes they cooked it but it wasn't cooked all the way. The recipe for beef is you get a cow and kill it, then you cut it open. After that you cook  it and you get beef. For raw beef you just kill a cow and eat the beef raw.

This is my friends and I playing cards

Journal entry #7 illness at camp

At camp many people are sick with all kinds of disease. Every day I see a different person die because of an injury or a disease. I am always worrying  about getting  a disease but so far I have been lucky. Many people at camp have wounds and to cure these wounds they have to be amputated. I have only witnessed an amputation once and it was nasty. They cut this man's arm right off with a saw. To cure a disease they just give you medicine and you are on your way. Most ofthe time they are not cured and die. Our camp has gotten smaller in the past 3 months. More than half of the camp is gone. I hope I don't get sick.

Your message...

This is a battle I was in.

Journal Entry  #8

It is the end of the war, and I have  been gone for all 4 years of the war. For the last week of the war I was in a prison. It has been horrible, lots of people are getting sick, but they are letting us go since they won the war. I don't even care that we lost.  I just want to be back home. When I got home my mom was only home, and she gave me the biggest hug ever. I was so happy to see her, but my dad doesn't work, so I don't now where he is. My mom finally told me he joined the war and was lost in battle.  We have no idea where he is. I was still really happy to be home. As soon as I got home, I went to work on our plantation. It's good to be back.

This is my wonderful home.

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