Bullies come in many different shapes, sizes, and genders. Some of them will punch you and others will psychologically hurt you.

How Bullies are Made

Kids are not born to be bullies. They are created as a coping mechanism to deal with stresses of situations such as divorces, child abuse, and economic hardships. By bullying others, one feels the power and control that he/she does not have concerning other issues in their life. Once a bully establishes him/herself, this behavior becomes very difficult to reverse.

Bullying Tactics

Bullies use many types of tactics. These consist of physical bullying, psychological bullying, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is where a bully will punch you or injure you. Psychological bullying consists of someone calling you names or making intimidating threats. Cyber bulling includes harassing, defaming, and or humiliating someone online in front of the whole world.

Converting Bullies

Most bullies are known not to have many friends. If you ever want to make friends with a bully, try supporting them by giving them compliments or helping them out with homework. Hopefully, over a period of time these gestures of goodwill may possibly turn the bully into a happy kid.

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