Thomas's ways

by: Dallas Mata 1st


Thomas with comfortable pants made of silk.

Thomas of a big house that could be seen from a mile away painted neon yellow.

Thomas whose hair is a short as cut grass, whose dad is never home, never comes to be with his son not even does he say hi on the way at the door.

Is waking up as early as a chicken clucking on a farm who grabs everything as he could possibly grab just so he doesn’t forget anything. Who never goes out accept walking to school Thomas decided to skip school so he could release his memories. Madly never came to life when he needed it most Nice as Thomas was he never ever talked with his true identity.

Thomas thinks his life will be short because he never had anyone who would take care of him even when he needed his dad who was a business man. Fights with his heart like a bull fighter with a bull. Never speaks during class even when the teacher speaks of his name he never comes to his sences and keeps on ignoring her. Because Thomas dad was so rich Thomas went to a private school where no one knew what it was like being normal at school like his friends.

Thomas inside his silk pants, fixed hair, and tux you would wear to a wedding. Inside his seventy dollar shirt not wanting people to think he’s poor. Inside his dress up clothes because he knew no other ones would work. Thomas who decided to wear what his friends wore who didn’t know what a football was but decided to pick one up and threw it as far as he can.

Beyond the yard Thomas told his friends never give up Thomas who never talked. Walking as fast as his little body went Thomas had fun the most he had in years. Jumping up in down there was glee and joy in his body no one has ever seen that side of him.

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