New World Mystery: Bermuda Triangle

By: Karis Thomas, Tara Adhikari, Tessa Cisco - 4th period

General History

The Bermuda triangle refers to an area within the Atlantic Ocean where over the years a number of ships and airplanes have vanished. Several of these incidents had unexplainable causes thus the legends surrounding the Bermuda triangle were born. The area known as the Bermuda triangle refers to a 500,000 square mile chunk of the ocean just off the southeastern coast of Florida that connects Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico in a triangular shape. Another name for the Bermuda triangle is the Devil’s triangle however, regardless of the name this mysterious phenomenon has been a source of intrigue and wonder for centuries.

Shocking accounts of strange occurrences along this span of ocean date back to the voyages of Christopher Columbus. He claimed to see a flame of fire falling into the sea, and a few weeks later he spotted a strange light along the horizon. In addition he experienced inconsistent readings on his compass. Then, in 1909 Joshua Slocum, an experienced sailor, able to sail around the world by himself just disappeared when journeying from Martha’s Vineyard to South America. In 1945 a team of military planes disappeared without a trace just off the southeastern coast of Florida. Of the two Martin Mariner planes sent by the US navy to find the missing crew, only one returned. The Tudor Star Tiger aircraft never arrived at its intended destination of the Bermuda airport and instead became further proof of the cursed waters of the Bermuda triangle. Flight DC- 3 never made it to the Miami airport and instead plunged into the waters of the Atlantic only 50 miles off the coast of Florida. Mary Celeste known as the ghost ship was found in 1872 with none of the ten crew members left onboard, only personal possessions remained. Perhaps one of the most well-known accidents attributed to the phenomenon of the Bermuda triangle is that of the USS Cyclops carrier ship. The ship containing 300 crew members and 10,000 tons of manganese ore sank in March of 1918. It was scheduled to land in the port of Baltimore and when it didn’t arrive a massive search party was sent out along the entire route however not a piece of debris was found. The ship it seemed had simply vanished without a trace. Numerous inexplicable disappearances have happened since then with vessels ranging from oil tankers to private yachts to airplanes. Even when the remains of these vessels are found, the crew members remain unseen…gone. Soon the media caught wind of these unexplainable accidents and people became intrigued by the mysterious elements surrounding these catastrophic events. In 1964 Vincent H. Gaddis attributed these occurrences to what he called the “Bermuda Triangle” and the phrase and explanation caught on.

The stories surrounding the Bermuda Triangle are still heard today and numerous theories and science itself has been used in an effort to explain the unexplainable. A number of books have been written attempting to explain the phenomenon in a logical manner. However, what can possibly explain experienced sailors suddenly getting lost as sea, sturdy technologically advanced ships suddenly disappearing or sudden storms that seem to swipe airplanes out of the sky? Sometimes all that is left to explain the absurdity of the treacherous Atlantic waters is the legend that is the Bermuda triangle.

Why is the Bermuda Triangle so mysterious?

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most interesting unexplained mysteries in the world. Many ships and planes that were sailing through or passing over the Bermuda Triangle have disappeared without a trace. In very little cases wrecks were found, but the crews had vanished. These disappearances have occurred more than 1000 times with numerous ships and planes over the past five centuries and continue to occur. This has happened when there is no apparent human errors, equipment failures, or natural disasters. Everything seems to be okay, but still the ships and planes vanish. The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s Triangle because some people have believed the Devil is at play.

The mystery of the triangle took hold in 1945 when five Navy Avengers disappeared in that area. The family members of the the pilot could not accept that the cause of the disappearance was pilot error. They convinced the Navy to change it to causes or reasons unknown. More incidents occurred and the Bermuda Triangle and past events were added to the legend. The ships and planes that have disappeared have never been recovered and the people have not been seen since they disappeared. Some examples of ships that have vanished are Mary Celeste, which is also known as one of the ghost ships in the Bermuda Triangle, Carroll A. Deering, and the USS Scorpion. The Mary Celeste went on a voyage in 1972 and no one on board was ever found although the ship was recovered. Carroll A. Deering, was another ghost ship of the Bermuda Triangle and is known as one of the biggest maritime mysteries of all time. The USS Scorpion was a Nuclear powered submarine that disappeared in May 1968.

The strange phenomenon that occurs in the Bermuda Triangle is a mystery. No one knows the exact reason as to why ships and planes disappear out of thin air, but there are many theories. People believe that this happens as a result of supernatural beings or magnetic forces. Either way, there is no rational explanation as to why crew or whole vessels themselves disappear.

Theories & Explanations

The Bermuda Triangle, an area which stretches from the coast of Florida to Bermuda and Puerto Rico, is one of the most fascinating unexplained theories in the world. The notorious Bermuda Triangle has been known to be the cause of many shipwrecks, plane crashes, mysterious disappearances, and other enigmatic phenomena. No one knows for sure whether this mystery is a paranormal nature’s phenomena, but many theories offered from scientists as well as the general public contribute to the explanation of this enigma.

One theory of the Bermuda Triangle is electronic fog. As a first hand witness and survivor of the Bermuda Triangle, Bruce Gernon says that the explanation for aircraft instrumental malfunctions and disappearances may be caused by electronic fog. On December 4,1970, Gernon and his father flew over the Bahamas in their Bonanza A36. On their way to Bimini, they encountered a strange cloud or tunnel shaped vortex. All of their plane’s magnetic and electronic navigational instruments began to malfunction and their compass began to spin uncontrollably. After travelling for miles with a grayish white cloud encompassing them, they found themselves flying over Miami, Florida. After Grenon’s experience, many believe that the “electronic fog” Grenon’s faced may be the cause for the disappearance of Flight 19 as well as the disappearance of other aircrafts and ships.

Another theory for this infamous enigma is magnetic variation. Many of the disappearances of ships and aircrafts can be connected to the Bermuda Triangle’s distinctive environmental features. The Bermuda Triangle is one of two places on the earth that a magnetic compass points towards “true” north. Normally, a compass points towards “magnetic” north. The difference between the two is recognized as compass variation. The amount of variation changes (usually by 20 degrees) as one circumnavigated the earth. If the compass variation (error) is not compensated for, then the navigator could find himself far off course. This scientific theory is another generic explanation believed by many as the cause of an aircraft’s navigational malfunctions.

A third theory believed by few as the explanation of the Bermuda Triangle, as silly as it sounds, is UFO invasions. many people have come to believe that Aliens have chosen the Bermuda Triangle as a point to capture and abduct humans for unknown reasons. Although there are no motives or proper evidence to support this theory, many people have come to believe that UFO invasions could be the cause of human disappearances.

Even with many theories and explanations for the Bermuda Triangle , no one knows for sure the real cause of disappearances, ship wrecks, aircraft crashes, and navigational malfunctions in this mysterious region.


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