Edgar Allen Poe

1809 January 19 -October 7

Edgar Allen Poe had a rough child hood that started when he was a boy at the age of 2 his mother had died. Thanks to a good environment and good schools he was able to  turn out all right. When he was older he had no skills no money and no job so he decided to join the military. He was dismissed from the military due to him being absent to his duties. All these experiences led to him deciding to become a poet.

In 1831 Poe arrived in New York city the place where he would get his work published for the first time. Later on  he earned a job at the place that had published his work . Poe made the Publishing company very prosperous but he decided to leave to Philadelphia were he write poetry by him self. That's what Edgar career consisted of mostly here is a poem by him below.

A Dream Within A Dream

Take this kiss upon the brow!
         And, in parting from you now,
         Thus much let me avow-
         You are not wrong, who deem
         That my days have been a dream;
         Yet if hope has flown away
         In a night, or in a day,
         In a vision, or in none,
         Is it therefore the less gone?
         All that we see or seem
         Is but a dream within a dream.

         I stand amid the roar
         Of a surf-tormented shore,
         And I hold within my hand
         Grains of the golden sand-
         How few! yet how they creep
         Through my fingers to the deep,
         While I weep- while I weep!
         O God! can I not grasp
         Them with a tighter clasp?
         O God! can I not save
         One from the pitiless wave?
         Is all that we see or seem
         But a dream within a dream? Edgar Allan Poe