Interior Design Trends 2015

Would you like to change something in your interior design and be in trend? We will help you! We have made a list of the most popular trends in interior design for 2015.

  • Mixed metals. Famous designers from Europe and the USA agree that mixing metals is a new hot trend today. We can, for example, mix warm metals, such as copper and rose gold with cool ones like silver. They say that it is not interesting to match every metal in one room. On the other hand, they suggest a mix of silvery, gold and black metals. It is a risky, but stylish decision.
  • Moody indigo. Are you fond of blue colour? Today’s trend in luxury Paris designs is navy blue colours. Moreover, dark navy becomes more popular than white marble. Designers from the other parts of the world agree that we can easily combine this colour with other ones. It looks fantastic in a combination with pink, cream, grey, coral and sage.
  • Painterly rugs. A rug made of the combination of different patterns can considerably change the look of rectangular rooms and furniture. These rugs created by masters can be the true pieces of art, especially the ones made of silk. They can shine softly and constantly change colour.
  • Smoky glass. Clear glass is a past trend. Today, if you want to create the impression of tension between the natural state of material and its polished form, you can use smoked glass. Its smokiness adds some mystery and intrigue to traditional typical materials.
  • Graphic tiles. Graphic colourful tiles are no more just a decoration for some commercial spaces. They gradually move to our houses. The professionals say that it is a perfect combination of graphic and interior design. If you want to make a room of a real globetrotter, unusual ethnic tiles can help you in it.
  • Chevron prints. The military motif enjoys constant popularity, however, you can use it in a simple and elegant way. For example, it is not fashionable to use it as a repeated pattern on wallpaper or pillows. Better you can buy something (let it be a pot) masterly decorated with a chevron pattern.
  • However, there are things which make designers fell unwell.
  • Text as décor. The use of French writings, posters like “Keep Calm” or letters lit with light bulbs is entirely outmoded today. The designers advice better to avoid such decorations in your interior.
  • Mirrored furniture. It was popular in Hollywood in 1930-ies. Of course, a mirrored piece of furniture can look beautifully. However, furniture should really be valuable and expensive. On the other hand, it does not have the desired effect.

Beni Ourain rugs. These Moroccan black-and-white rugs together with the Persian ones become outmoded. Designers agree they have some beauty, but their time is over.

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