Job Purpose

The purpose of being a surgeon is to help people if they have cancer or if they tore a ligament. If it weren't for surgeons some of our favorite athletes wouldn't be playing sports.  Seriously, some people might not be alive today if it weren't for surgeons.


To perform an appropriate job every surgery they do.  To be respectful to the patient that they are performing on.


  • Education: To get a Doctorate degree.
  • Technology Skills: Most STs are employed in hospital surgery departments, obstetric departments, and ambulatory care centers.  Surgeons need to be able to use Microsoft Word.
  • Abilities: You’ll also need strong organizational skills to succeed both as a student and tech, which makes it a great field for detail-oriented people.
  • Personal Characteristics: The principal physical demand on a surgical tech is having good vision and hearing along with the ability to stand and stay in one place for extended periods.


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