Roman Colosseum opens after much anticipation

By: Kaitlyn Rychcik

A Gladiator is wounded and dying while his defeater triumphs in the background.

ROME, ITALY- May 17, 80 A.D, animals and humans fought to the death all for the entertainment of Roman citizens to mark the grand opening of the Colosseum. Vespasian, the Emperor of Fluvial hosted the games for the society's entertainment. With so many festivities such as: a parade, daces, and animals, this was a huge holiday.

" I'm really looking forward to seeing how people react to the games," says Vespasian, the host. " I do believe that we will receive around 50,000 visitors to the Colosseum today."

Thousands of privileged people had a chance to witness the grand opening of the Roman Colosseum. The festivities lasted for hours before the actual games started.

The crowds lined up in the streets to prepare for the oncoming parade. People became very excited resulting in lots of noise.

" The parade was a lot of hard work, but it all payed off in the end," says Brutus, the parade coordinator.

After the commotion of the parade eventually died down, all of the guests filed into the huge Colosseum. With 50,000 seats, there was room for a lot of people. The seats were arranged depending on social ranking.

Once everyone was seated, the real excitement began. Convicts were forced out into the arena and brutally executed. Common offenses that ended in these punishments were, failing to worship Roman gods or not respecting the emperor.

As the crowd grew more impatient, animals such as: elephants, gazelles, and cheetahs entered the arena. For the peoples' entertainment, they rampaged around the arena for several minutes.

After waiting for hours, the real stars of the show entered the arena, the Gladiators. Dressed in modern armor, most carried weapons and showed off their immense strength. Swords, shields, spears, and nets were some of the Gladiators' common weapons.

Men, women, and animals all fought to the death in this wickedly popular, sandy arena. Some met their demise, but some lived to tell the exciting tale, becoming famous along the way. These huge festivities brought great entertainment to the people of Rome.


                                                             Roman Fashion

Our fashion reporters have gathered some interesting information at the grand opening of the Colosseum. At this huge event today, many of the Roman people showed up with a similar fashion sense.

Some of the upper class male citizens wore wool togas with a golden stripe to symbolize riches and power. Meanwhile, some of the women of our society wore linen tunics.

Since it is currently spring, both men and women wore leather sandals to protect their feet.

On this special occasion, the women of Rome wore their hair in an up-do held together by wooden sticks. While Roman women have long hair, Roman men have short and/or shaved heads with long beards.

80% of the women that we interviewed stated that they made cloth for their family's clothing. 20% had it made for them.

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