Communication Tools

Ways to keep you and your student connected

As the students come back to school, it's time to get organized.  This year we will be putting to use many new communication tools that will help you and your student stayed connected with the classroom, leading to more successful students.

The first communication tool we will be putting to use is my wordpress blog.  Updated frequently with weekly blog posts and pictures, you will now be able to see exactly what the students do on a day-to-day basis.  I know all parents constantly ask themselves "what is my child doing in class all day" and this will help you understand what that is.  I will include links to handouts and other tools that can also be used at home.

The second communication tool that will help keep everyone on the same page is Remind. Remind allows me to send text message reminders to parents without ever having to gather everyones numbers.  This way I can update everyone quickly from things like fieldtrip reminders to assignment changes.  In a time where we all have our phones on hand, this is a super convient way to stay in tune,

Lastly, students will have the option of using think binder while home and outside of the classroom. Think Binder allows students to safely work together online.  Peers helping peers is a great way for student to understand the topics better and more throughly.  By teaching another student they are able to learn the topic again, even away from the classroom. This tool can also be used in group projects to keep all the students connected at home.  

Hopefully these tools will help in creating a more successful and productive year for parents, students, and teachers.

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