A Poem on love:

My lady

My Lady

Oh! What is my world without you, my love!

Those eyes shining as an exotic Egyptian pool,

Your hair, flowing and strong, an oak, yet soft as its newest branch!

The beauty of your entire array would make the rose wither in jealousy.

The noble heart of Mother Theresa in a beauty that rivals, surpasses even, Diao Chan.

If this love could be measured (and it frankly cannot) it would have to make a new measuring amount!

The true meaning of beauty, time has not forgot; and soon made you to show molds can be broken!

And even more full of depth is your beauty inside, and how lucky I'd be to stand by your side!

Oh, but I am a coward, I hid with fear

The truth of my conviction growing uncontrollable o'er the years!

I bow down in shame, before your grace

Embarrassed to say I've longed to see your face!

I don't deserve your presence, my lowly ways a sin,

Your presence is my holiday, a mi semana es el fin.

Even in prose, my logic inscrutable,

And I can't simply explain, for you are too beautiful!

Your beauty is taking the gun, and giving me a knife,

But I wouldn't mind, my lady, I give you my life.