Ecosystems Project

In the Ecosystem Project your team will be experts in their field of study. Your team will select an animal that your study will focus on. You will also need to learn about the ecosystem your animal lives in.

Unique Animals

Meerkats       Musk Ox       Jerboa    Pronghorn    Slender Loris   John Dory

In your project you will be researching one of the above animals. You will need to include:

  • photos of the animal along with characteristics
  • adaptations that help your animal to survive in its ecosystem.

Various Ecosystems

Deserts    Frozen    Tundras    Prairies    Grasslands    Rainforest   Oceans

In your project you will be researching the ecosystem that your animal lives in. You will need to include :

  • a map of where the ecosystem is located in the world
  • photos of the ecosystem along with descriptions of it
  • tell about the climate.

To help others learn about your ecosystem you will:

  • include 5 photos with labels of plants that can be found in the ecosystem
  • include 5 photos with labels of other animals that live in the ecosystem

Rapid Process Changes

Rapid process changes occur in different ecosystems. Choose a rapid process that could occur in your ecosystem of study. Tell how the MAD Theory applies specifically to your research animal if the rapid process occurs.

Fun Facts

As  you are researching you will come across interesting information that you will want to share. In your presentation have a place to list those fun facts about the animal or ecosystem you are researching.

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