by:Emma Keil


By: Emma Keil


Do you play soccer? Well if you do then here are some tip and tricks. This tackk probably has enough to make you awesome at soccer. There is stuff about moves, embarrassment, friends, and the tackk talks about soccer it’s self a little bit. Hope you like my tackk.


Soccer isn’t just a sport it’s about having fun with friends and trying new things. But you also must know the moves of the game and beware of the embarrassments.

What is soccer?

You can’t automatically be good at soccer you have to focus and practice hard to win games. It’s not just about wining soccer games ether it’s to have fun and play a sport.


When you first play soccer, you get a feeling that you won’t make any friends. Then when you go to your first practice you make a lot of friends. You might already know people that go to your school. What’s cool is you can make friends from different schools


There are a lot of moves in soccer. There are head bumps, drop kicks. But there’s one thing that’s kind of hard. That move is not touching the ball with your hands. Because your so used to touching stuff with your hands.


If you ever play soccer and you have a sibling you have to beware. Because if your little or big brother or sister is at a soccer game or practice then they will probably yell or scream your name or root for you nonstop and it will get super annoying. Another thing that’s embarrassing is getting hit with the ball or missing the ball.


Even though there is a lot of embarrassing stuff that happens in soccer and you can get hurt badly and there’s a lot of cons soccer is still a fun sport to play.


Embarrassment: something that happens to you that makes you uncomfortable.

Conclusions: ending of story.

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