Cloud Based Services - The Lure They Hold For Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

Ever since their launch in the market in the last decade, cloud based services have completely transformed the way users manage their computing requirements. The idea behind the entire concept is to help people get access to high end technology and applications for their personal/ official use, without having to deal with the ultra huge investment that comes with it. They don’t have to make any changes in the existing infrastructure and don’t have to worry about maintaining these high tech machines either. No matter what computing hardware or application is required, it will be easily accessible as when a business needs it for an extremely economical price.

This is one of the most prominent reasons why cloud based services are being sought after by small and medium scale businesses all over the world. The idea just makes sense! Need more points to convince you on the topic? Here is a list of advantages that your enterprise can enjoy as a result of hiring cloud computing services.

  • You will never have to worry about upgrading your hardware/ software again! The entire set of costs involved in repeated updating of technology is completely done away with in case of cloud based services. All this is the headache of the service provider now!
  • The best and most knowledgeable IT professionals will be now be configuring, monitoring and maintaining your software – people who you might not be able to afford on your payrolls as a small scale enterprise. You can expect to get the very best support services from the cloud.
  • You can now rent licenses for just about any software out there, even on a monthly basis! Having the best computer applications to help you get the job done is surely an immeasurable advantage.
  • Easily have your servers monitored and maintained by a professional via Managed Services (yes this is extra, figure about $199-299 per month per server)
  • Any typical cloud based service package will include data backup and restore features which will be managed, maintained and monitored by the service provider. Your valuable records will never be insecure again!
  • The Failing hardware, repairs, warranty maintenance, is all offloaded to the cloud provider… more things to “not have to worry about”
  • The monthly cost for cloud based services will be much lesser when compared to the high upfront costs necessary to actually purchase a piece of technology. The latter often becomes seemingly impossible to manage for a small or medium scale business.
  • Servers are converted so this means moving to the cloud can be nearly transparent to staff; saves on labor involved in reconfiguration
  • The storage space you need, processing speeds and CPU can all be upgraded on the fly, as and when you need it with cloud based services.
  • Server additions and changes can also be managed in just about a few hours!

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