Sweet Diva's Bakery

This weeks Valentine's Day Cupcakes:

1. "You're Mine"- red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting

"Your Mine"

2. "Roses are Red..."-vanilla cupcake with red frosting shaped into roses with candy pearls


"Roses are Red..."

3. "Sweet Love"- rich chocolate cake with raspberry flavor buttercream frosting

"Sweet Love"


Each cupcake is $7.50 each


I need to sell 666 cupcakes by February 17th! First come, first serve for the most delicious cupcakes around!

Why Should you Buy these Cupcakes?

All of our cupcakes are made with all organic ingredients and with the most care. Our eggs are from the backyard chickens from behind the bakery and we have our own farms to grown the best ingredients around!

Cupcakes Critics from the Best

Zac Efron: "These cupcakes are so good, I could eat them everyday!

President Obama: "I only buy cupcakes from Diva's Bakery, they are the best!"

Justin Bieber: "From the  homemade ingredients to the sweetest icing, I could never give up one of these cupcakes!"

Only Buy them from Us

Only buy from "Diva's Bakery" because we have better prices, quality, and looks to our cupcakes.

Diva's Bakery: $7.50 for each cupcake

Sassy's Bakery: $8.35 for each cupcake

Diva's Bakery: all the ingredients are homemade and are checked before they are ready for people to buy

Sassy's Bakery: all the ingredients are store bought and frozen. They don't check any of their cupcakes before people can buy them.

Little Diva's Bakery cupcakes below:

Little Diva's Cupcakes

Sassy's Bakery cupcakes below:

Sassy's Bakery