A Day In The Life: Thailand Student  

Laddawadee Maroomdee is a twelve-year-old student from Bangkok, Thailand. Her family calls her Noon. She lives with her parents, sister, cousin, and grandmother. This is a typical day in her life.

6:20 a.m- Breakfast

Dad cooks breakfast. We sometimes have porridge made of rice and milk called khao tom.

6:45 a.m.- Pray

Before we leave for school in our Dad's pickup truck, we pray at a shrine in our living room.

11:30 a.m.- Lunch

I eat kluay tiaow, which is noodles and rice, or gai tawt, which is fried chicken.

4:30 p.m- After School

After my dad picks me up, I take a shower at home. Then I help my grandmother take care of my baby cousin Je T'aime.

6:15 p.m.- Dinner

My Mom either buys dinner from a street vendor, or cooks. I help prepare the rice. My favorite dish is kraprao gai, chicken with basil leaves.

9:00 p.m.- Bedtime

Before I go to sleep, I pray for my family and friends' health.

My Daily Routine

Nicole Kreimer

6:00 a.m- Wake Up

My alarm clock went off at 5:30, but I never actually get up until 6:00.

8:00- Start School

School starts at 8:07 a.m., and goes until 2:45 p.m.

11:00- Lunch

Their are two lunch periods, and each goes for about 30 minutes.

2:45- School Ends

School ends at 2:45 p.m., and I get home around 4:00 p.m.

3:00-7:00- After School Activities

Depending on the day and time of year, I could have SADD, the Academic Team, Volleyball, Religion Class, Art Class, and Swimming after school.

10:00- Bedtime

I try to go to bed around ten, but don't actually sleep until around twelve ( mostly because I can't tear myself away from my phone ).

Compare and contrast: Nicole/ Noon

I think that Laddawadee and I have very different lives. While she prays two times a day, I only pray at Religion class and Church. I generally eat a varied diet with a lot of processed food, while she eats rice in almost every meal. While we have those differences, we also have some similarities. We both have general classes on math and English skills. We also both help out to take care of our younger siblings/ cousins.     

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