By: Mary Taaffe, Bella Gage, Peyton Dennis

There is a wide range of salaries that a chef could earn from their job. The range is $25,000 - $85,000 a year. depending on what kind of chef you are. For example chefs at the restaurant Fogo De Chow get paid more than a Taco Bell chef because Fogo De Chow is much more expensive. Being a chef would definitely make enough money to be able to provide for a future family.

Technology impacts the career by helping the cooks cook properly by using stoves, ovens, ect. Also it makes restaurants more attractive and faster giving them more business. Future technology can help the chefs cook faster and more efficiently.

Other occupations that could be related to this career could be bakers and inventors. Chefs could be bakers because bakers and chefs are very similar. They both make food and are perfectionist. Chefs are also related to inventors because chefs create and invent things all the time.

Being a chef is not only about tasting and trying new foods. in fact math plays one of the most important roles while cooking. You have to measure, compare, and separate ingredients while a costumer is waiting on your master piece. you have to be very quick on your feet and be read for the craziest orders you have ever faced. We would love to have this job because we all love food and cooking. We may not all be chefs but we are all eaters.   

The career we have chosen to present to our class is being a chef. There is tons of math involved when it comes to cooking. When you  cook you transfer metric recipes, make just the right price so that you can make a profit,creating new recipes, memorizing recipes, relationships between the quality, and buying all of the ingredients.

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